IELTS Past Questions and Answers 2024 Download PDF Up to Date

By CBS Mar 7, 2024
IELTS Past Questions and Answers 2024 Download PDF

We have available on this page the updated version of IELTS Past Questions and Answers PDF including the listening, writing and speaking aspects of the examination.

Sequel to this, if you’re preparing for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination then one of the best material you can use to prepare is the past questions.

We have explained the basic things you should know about IELTS exam and also how to download the past questions and answers in Portable Document Format (PDF).

If you’re preparing to travel abroad especially English speaking countries then definitely you will have to pass through the International English Language Testing System as it is one of the criteria you need to meet.

In this quest, downloading and studying IELTS past questions and answers will undoubtedly be very helpful. We have outline the steps on how to get the material on this page, keep reading.

Overview of IELTS Examination

Statistical research has proven that over three million five hundred thousand people took the IELTS exam in the year 2019 alone, as such you can imagine the number of persons trying to process the same thing as you.

Unfortunately, about ten to fifteen percent of this population would be allow to travel and generally people feel that this exam is really hard because of that.

The fact is that you can score to an undeniable height, so the main idea here is for you to score even above the cut off mark and with IELTS past questions this is really possible.

Benefits of Studying IELTS Past Questions

There are numerous benefits you stand to enjoy if you download and practice IELTS past questions. Some of these includes:

  • First and foremost you will be predisposed to the actual exam questions
  • Questions from IELTS past questions would most likely repeat again
  • You will get to understand better the pattern of questions being set
  • You will get a glimpse into the focus of the exam
  • Studying this material will help boost your self-confidence
  • By practicing IELTS past questions, you will know better how to allocate time to each questions
  • It will also help you ascertain your level or preparation, expose your areas of weakness and strength then you improve where necessary.

We also have available for download:

Features of IELTS Past Questions

Basically, we have available the up to date version of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) past questions and answers in portable document format.

So, irrespective of your location within minutes you can get this material directly to your email box. Also, IELTS past question covers the following aspects.

  • Listening test
  • Writing test
  • Reading test
  • Speaking test and
  • General knowledge

We have the compendium all available for you to download. The good news also is that we have provided correct answers according to the syllables.

How to Download IELTS Past Questions and Answers PDF

The process to download this material will not take more than five (5) minutes. This is prior to the fact that we have arranged and compiled the material neatly into a Portable Document Format (PDF) which makes it possible for you to access the file using phone, iPad or computer.

We have provided two major ways through which you can download a copy of IELTS past questions and answers PDF. First is online i.e. paying using your ATM card while second is by making bank transfer, deposit or POS.

Note: The full copy of this material you’re about to download is Three Thousand Naira (N3,000) only.

Proceed to get a copy using any of the payment options stipulated below.

Online Payment Phase (Option 1)

The option allows you make payment now and download the material immediately payment is successful using your ATM card.

Note that we do not take any personal information from you during this online payment. Everything you do during the payment is discreet to you only as we use a reliable payment platform Pay stack.

To carry out this form of payment, simply click the button below and carefully follow through the instructions.

Past Question Domain Online Payment Icon

Important! Upon a successful payment, the IELTS past questions will immediately pop-up for download. In case you do not see that, reach out to us via WhatsApp or Call and we will attend to you immediately.

Offline Payment Phase (Option 2)

In case you prefer making a transfer, bank deposit or payment through POS, feel free to do so by paying the sum of Two Thousand (N2,000) only to the account below.

  • Account No.:      0655074697
  • Bank Name:        GTB (Current Account

Just as we explained earlier, immediately your payment is confirmed reach out to our customer sales representative via call, SMS, email or WhatsApp and we’re 24/7 ready to attend to you.

Affirmation of Sending Material After Payment

As you can validate Past Question Domain (PQD) is one of the most outstanding e-book seller in Nigeria and we’re registered with CAC.

Prior to this, be rest assured of getting your material (IELTS Past Questions and Answers PDF) at most ten (10) minutes from the time you made payment.

In some cases even before reaching out to us, the material will be sent to your email address therefore ensure you use your authentic details when processing payment.

Generally, we can re-assure you of a smooth transaction with us. You can as well check out our social media platforms like FacebookTwitterLinkedIn etc.


Crush Big Soda (CBS) provides up to date past questions and answers PDF that helps you prepare better for entrance exams, recruitment, professional etc.

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