ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers 2024 Download PDF

By CBS Mar 7, 2024

ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF 2024 is available for download on this page. The easy steps to download the material has also been explained.

In preparing for examination, it is important you study the right material, not just that but you also need to study smartly. In this context, studying ATBU School of Nursing past questions would really be helpful.

The management of ATBU School of Nursing has set a cut-off mark to accumulate all prospective students of the institution, therefore you need to study hard in other to beat this cut-off mark and beyond.

So, we strongly recommend that you download and study ATBU School of Nursing past questions and answers with respect to other relevant materials.

Why Study ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions

It really awesome if you ask the need to read, study or even practice past questions. We understand that it is really possible to pass the examination without the help of past questions.

Look at it this way, if you were supposed to score 80/100 without past questions, imagine if you study the past questions? Definitely the sky will only be your starting point.

To further buttress the need to download and study ATBU School of Nursing past questions, below are some of the benefits you stand to gain.

  • Through the practice of this material, you will discover the areas which questions are usually set from
  • You will get to know your area of weakness and how you can improve on them
  • Questions from this material will repeat in the forthcoming examination
  • Studying this material will help boost your self-confidence
  • You will be predisposed to the actual exam questions through the practice of this material

We also have the following past questions available.

Content of ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions

We understand for such that you would like to know the content of this material. First, kindly note that we only have the soft copy of ATBU School of Nursing past questions and below are the subject areas the material covers.

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Numeral reasoning
  • English language
  • Current affairs

Sample Version

Choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best till(s) the gap(s)

52. A boy standing some distance from the foot of a tall cliff claps his hands and hear an echo 0.5s late. If the speed of sound is 340ms, how far is he from the cliff? A. 17m B. 34m C. 85m D.170m.

53. Which of the following is not correct about isotopes of an element? They have A.. the same neuron number B. the same proton number C. the same number of electrons D. different physical properties.

54. Which of the following is not electromagnetic radiation?
A. X-ray B. Radio waves C. sunlight D. sound waves.

55. Cloud formation is the direct result of A. precipitation B. vaporization c. condensation D. Sublimation.

56. Water boils at a lower temperature when heated at the top of a mountain than at sea-level because at the top of the mountain the A. saturation vapour pressure of water is higher than at sea-level B. sun adds more heat to the water

C. relative humidity of the atmosphere is lower D. pressure of the atmosphere is lower.

How to Download ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

We have arranged and compiled this material neatly into a Portable Document Format (PDF) which makes it possible for you to access the file using phone, iPad or computer.

We have provided two major ways through which you can download a copy of ATBU School of Nursing past questions and answers PDF. First is online i.e. paying using your ATM card while second is by making bank transfer, deposit or POS.

Note: The full copy of this material you’re about to download is Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) only.

Proceed to get a copy using any of the payment options stipulated below.

Online Payment Phase (Option 1)

The option allows you make payment now and download the material immediately payment is successful using your ATM card.

Note that we do not take any personal information from you during this online payment. Everything you do during the payment is discreet to you only as we use a reliable payment platform Pay stack.

To carry out this form of payment, simply click the button below and carefully follow through the instructions.

Past Question Domain Online Payment Icon

Important! Upon a successful payment, the ATBU School of Nursing past questions will immediately pop-up for download. In case you do not see that, reach out to us via WhatsApp or Call and we will attend to you immediately.

Offline Payment Phase (Option 2)

In case you prefer making a transfer, bank deposit or payment through POS, feel free to do so by paying the sum of Two Thousand (N2,000) only to the account below.

  • Account No.:      0655074697
  • Bank Name:        GTB (Current Account

Just as we explained earlier, immediately your payment is confirmed reach out to our customer sales representative via call, SMS, email or WhatsApp and we’re 24/7 ready to attend to you.

Affirmation of Sending Material After Payment

As you can validate Past Question Domain (PQD) is one of the most outstanding e-book seller in Nigeria and we’re registered with CAC.

Prior to this, be rest assured of getting your material (ATBU School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers PDF) at most ten (10) minutes from the time you made payment.

In some cases even before reaching out to us, the material will be sent to your email address therefore ensure you use your authentic details when processing payment.

Generally, we can re-assure you of a smooth transaction with us. You can as well check out our social media platforms like FacebookTwitterLinkedIn etc.


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